Vegas Pneumonia?

As I have already fired Dr. Dipshit, and will be seeing a (I hope) competent physician on Monday, this question is not only mundane & pointless, but if I don’t share it, Ima gonna choke somebody, so here it goes. Factual answers wouldn’t break my heart, especially if you happen to be a competent Vegas area gynecologist who doesn’t behave as if your patients are developmentally disabled 6 year olds.

So, anybody ever heard of “Vegas Pneumonia”? Is it a Sin-city tumah? :wink: Does it mimic normal boring ol’ upper respiratory viral symptoms (aka a few days of snot and coughing, commonly referred to as a summer cold)? Will the medications Vandazole, applied vaginally, or Doxycyline, internal ingestion, make it go away? Can it be accurately diagnosed by hearing a patient cough while undressing, behind a closed door, for a pelvic?

BTW – I did not fire him for the Vegas Pneumonia comment. I fired him for saying “yeast infection” specifically in reference to my chest** and** asymptomatic crotch issues, prescribing a vaginal gel that is not actually recommended for candida (even though he stated 3 times, very clearly, that I had a, and I quote, “yeast infection”), as well as prescribing doxycycline for an asymptomatic “bladder infection” without running a culture or hearing a complaint, prescribing zyrtec-D for my cough, after being told twice “no sudafed,” interrupting me when I tried to clarify, and not calling me back within 48 hours, after calling him to question the vandazole. And not wanting to discuss my extreme premature menopausal symptoms (or refilling my HRT) at all – which is why I made the damn appointment in the first place.

Anyway – tell me all about Vegas Pnuemonia, or your experiences with doctors who fly south for the winter, or, even what you had for lunch today. Distract me from my towering fury and hot flashes, please.

I was recently diagnosed with real pneumonia, not sure what the Vegas type is, and at no point in the exam did the doctor feel a need to look at my hoo-ha. Heck, he didn’t even ask me about my hoo-ha. Should I have shown him my hoo-ha? He was kinda cute. Then again I had been pretty sick and hadn’t shaved down there for a while so it’s probably best that I didn’t flash it. I doubt he’d have been impressed. The doctor and nurse seemed more impressed that I was upright with a 103 fever.

I don’t know if he was using it in the same context. If he was, you need to sue the bastard. :eek:

I’ve heard the term once before. It is not a medical term. It was referring to URI caused by an STD.

Well, I’m not a doc, just a med student, and obviously not in any position to diagnose anything, but my best guess would be that “Vegas Pneumonia” might be his name for Coccidioidomycosis, aka “Valley Fever”, which is a fungus that can cause respiratory symptoms and is found in areas of the desert southwest.
Not saying that this is actually what you have, since obviously a second opinion is in order, but that would be my guess of what he meant.
I hope the next doc is more helpful!

Valley fever is a possibility, although I’m still not getting how it would be treated by a vaginal bactricide.

New Doc will use grown up, technical, accurate, specific terminology, or he will not be my health care provider either.

I will most certainly clarify this – by having New Doc follow up – and if that is indeed what he meant, I will go out of my way to make his life an affliction. I’ve already filed a verbal complaint with the insurance provider, and the written complaint will be mailed Monday. I’m bitchy like that. :smiley:

I think the main issue is incompetent doctors in Las Vegas…(remind me to fill you in on the details at the LVDopefest), but to make a really, really long story short - get another doctor ASAP.

One doctor seriously misdiagnosed an illness (not what your are talking about) that my SO had, another diagnosed it correctly but basically said, “you will be dead in about six months” and finally, doctor number three sent him to a hospital immediately, performed a new procedure and now, over three years later, he is doing just fine. If we had stuck with either of the first two doctors, he quite seriously would be dead now.

There are some really great doctors here - but just like people who win $millions on their first pull of a slot machine, you need a combination of luck and hard-nosed, bitchy persistence. I know you MadPansy64, and trust me, you will find the right doctor. Just don’t waste your time on the local quack and find someone you trust who appears to have read a medical journal that was printed within the past 10 years.

I’m sorry, I was getting over bronchitis. You must have stayed in room 15913 at Mandalay. I was coughing all over that room.

Moi? I am but a delicate little flower of complacent femininity! :smiley:

Nope, not your fault, I’ve never been there.
I do hope you’re feeling better, but if you’re not, I can recommend a certain gynocologist to avoid like the Plague. :wink: Although, that would be funny to watch, and, with this dipshit, he might well prescribe doxycyline that you could use to treat the Plague you didn’t avoid by going to him.

(you are male, right?)