Vegetarians, how often do you have bowel movements?

Poop with pride, young Zsofia. Let everyone appreciate your intestinal regularity.

carnivore but i get plenty of vegetation [not so much fruit, diabetic so i tend to stick with less starchy/sugary stuff] I am twice a day morning and evening. I start my day with a lovely bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon raisins and ground seeds for the omega 3 stuff that flax has. My snacks tend to be a bit of hummus with carrots and celery, my lunch frequently is a vegetarian chopped salad based on cabbage, with the occasional leftover from dinner the night before and a sensible dinner. I get plenty of fiber =) and I like it that way. I got seriously constipated once, I had been on opiates for pain an they are not joking when they say that opiates cause constipation =( and I never want to be that constipated again :frowning:

Vegetarians fart their brains out. I have worked with a few that could empty a room several times a day.

If pooping at work for you was pooping in a public library restroom you might be a little hesitant too. :slight_smile:

I’m not one, nor do I play one on TV but, what about the “habits” of mafists? BTW, mafists don’t consume mammalian meat.

Once a day.

Ex-veg here. I had issues with shitting a lot and extreme flatulence not only when I was vegetarian and vegan (during which I developed IBS and had a lot of other minor health issues), but when I was eating animal products along with plenty of grains/fruits/veg. At least 2-3 times a day with urgency. Of course I had other digestive issues as well.

I’m now a high-fat, high-protein omnivore for health reasons (daily diet is meat, eggs, dairy, and veg - very limited fruits and seeds/nuts, no grains or beans) and I usually go once per day or every other day, and have no more digestive problems and hardly fart at all. It’s a great relief.

If I eat something I don’t usually, it’s right back to the overactive colon, bloating, and crazy farting, for at least a day.

3-4 a day??? Wow. Yeah, I’m a pesce-vegetarian with healthy guts. I’m more like the stats you quoted. I can guarantee on the one every morning when I get up and possibly a second later in the day. It also depends on what physical activities I’m doing and how much coffee I’ve sucked back during the day.