vehicle maintenance question

The vehicle is a 1994 Ford E350 Club Wagon XL, 7.3L diesel. It is equipped with a block heater, however this winter is the first time that its use will be mandatory, since I am wintering in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The block heater heats only the coolant, correct? I need to know if the block heater alone will be sufficient, or if this should be supplemented with an oil pan heater. Someone recommended the latter, but I know nothing about this.



Check your vehicle specs to see if a low viscosity oil (5-30 weight) is appropriate. I lived in Alaska for seven years, enduring -40º winters with only a block heater, and my engine worked great on LV oil. I might recommend an electric battery blanket as well, as the battery freezing was a problem where I was until I got one.

I lived in Duluth, MN, which has a similar climate to Thunder Bay. Everybody got by just fine with just block heaters. Lower viscosity oil helps, too.