In “Who Invented Velcro?” CKDextHavn writes: “David Letterman put Velcro in the national spotlight when he attached himself to a hook-and-loop wall . . . [description of the proliferation of Velcro applications deleted] . . . By 1978, De Mestral’s patent expired . . .”

I think your chronology is a bit twisted. Letterman’s late-night talk show didn’t premiere until the early '80s, long after the patent had already expired and Velcro was everywhere.

CKDextHavn also writes: “There was fear that the term ‘Velcro’ might lose its copyright . . .” That’s trademark, not copyright. Names cannot be copyrighted.

Hmm. Sorry if it was misleading, I didn’t have a date for the Letterman stunt, so I just stuck it in (sans date.)

Yeah, yeah, trademark, copyright… all patent protections. Thanks for the clarification.

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I remember Letterman being on the boob tube as an early morning talk show in the early 80s (maybe late 70s? forget exactly- they say the mind is the first thing to go)“early morning”=around 10:00 a.m. (early for a teenager that is)

> Yeah, yeah, trademark, copyright… all patent protections.

You’re kidding, right? Trademarks and copyrights have nothing to do with patents.

I think the Letterman morning show was called the Tomorrow show, which he took over from Tom Snyder (Don’t quote me on any of this). I remember watching it though.
The Velcro Suit was in '84 or '85, after he has been on NBC late night for a little while. I was in high school then and used to tape his show and watch it every day after school. Basically he donned a Velcro suit and jumped from a trampoline high onto a Velcro wall, where he stuck firm.
Other suits included the Cereal-box suit (when he was lowered into a huge bowl of milk) and the Alka-Seltzer suit (plop, fizz).
He sure had some classic bits in those days - the 5 story tower was the best, but he also used to go out on the street with a hidden camera and harass people in surreal ways (exactly what he has the deli-lackey do now … Dave is now far too recognizable to get away with that ever again).

You’re kidding, right? Trademarks and copyrights have nothing to do with patents[/unquote]

Me? Kidding? Moi?? What an accusation! Naw, I don’t have a sarcastic bone in my body. I’m much too serious a guy to ever do any joshin’ around.

Patents have to do with leather shoes. Trademarks have to do with cattle being branded so they don’t stray from the corral. And when I plagiarize, I can copy right.