Venice Accomodations

Venice is ridiculously expensive. I thought Iceland was bad, but Venice is definitely taking the cake. At least in Iceland coffee was cheap.

At the beginning of May I will be staying in Venice for two days. I need someplace to stay that is “cheap” as my girlfriend and I cannot afford $200 a night for accomodations. Basically, I am wondering if anybody can recommend a place to stay in Venice at a reasonable rate.

Also, we will be in Rome for several days as well. So, if anybody can recommend something there, toss it in. Naples too.


I stayed here a couple of years ago. It’s reasonably priced, and I thought it was fine.

I think I’ll be staying here when I visit in April.

My friend picked it out, so I don’t know what else is available, but it didn’t seem too expensive.

Not bad, actually. However, they are booked the weekend I will be in town. :mad:

Have a loiter around this site. One caution: if it’s important to you, double check any hotel to make sure they have an elevator.

Staying in Venice’s canal area is not worth the effort. Most rooms are on the mainland. Getting in and out of the island area is a hassle, so check a few guide books. I recommend Fodor.

Really? Ten minutes by train to/from Mestre, or half an hour to Treviso and little more to Padua. All served into the late evening. Any of these would be a viable place to be based. (Deutsche Bahn: - TravelService - Query page gives the train times, just use Italian spellings (Venezia Santa Lucia & Padova)

I do not understand this. First of all, we are going to Venice to stay in Venice, not the mainland. I realize that staying on the mainland will save me a bundle of money, but then I would also have to sacrifice the extra time to get on to and off of the island each day, as well as the costs associated with this extra travel. That extra travel and expense is the reason I will stay on the island.

Second, I do not understand the hassel involved in getting on and off the island. At least for me, the ferry we are arriving on docks on the island itself. Then, when we leave, our train departs from the island. Staying off the island would cause many more headaches than the extra expense of staying on the island.

Thanks for all the advice. I would just like to be able to keep the costs under a 100 Euro a day. Venice is breaking the budget because any room there is nearly 100 Euro.