Venting a portable air conditioner?

I am the delighted (thankful) owner of a portable air conditioner (Noma, I think). It stands about 3 feet tall and is on wheels. It is a perfect solution for my beloved 140 year old house - as typically only the bedrooms gets unbearably hot in summer.

All portable air conditioners vent hot air. I’ve cut a circular piece out of the glass in my lovely Italianate window (as it opens like a french door rather than like a sash-style window) to accomodate the vent tube. The problem is, it’s kind of ugly. The vent can be seen from the steet and it just mars the otherwise charming look of the old gothic revival house.

So, my question: is there any reason I can’t vent the hot air into another room or the hallway of my house? I understand that I’m venting hot air and typically one would like to keep as much hot out when cooling a room. However - it’s just me and my husband - and we keep the door mostly closed to hallway anyhow - so would venting to another inside room be okay? Is there any reason other than heat that would indicate I shouldn’t do this?


The hot air you are venting is probably also very humid, because the air conditioner condenses water out of the air it cools and evaporates it into the air it heats. So you may have condensation problems in the area you vent this air.

Also, they sort of cheat when they build those air conditioners. The earlier ones had two hoses, for intake and output on the hot side. Now, they intake the cool room air to heat, humidify, and exhaust. That means the room the AC is in is at negative pressure and has to suck that much air from surrounding areas, like around your door. If you exhaust the machine to someplace that is easy to suck the air back from, the unit could work very hard to create a small local region that’s not so cool.

Thank you, Napier . That is precisely the kind of information I was seeking. So, as much as it offends my asthetic sense, out the window goes the hose.