Venture Bros. 7/09

Sweet zombi Jesus this was a good episode! Molotov Cocktease (damn, she’s hot!), the whole Apocalypse Now/Doors riff, the riffs on Leon: The Professional and the others! Dean running around screaming, “My trunks are haunted!” :smiley:

Seriously, how many awesome movie references were going on in that episode?

Dr. No
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I’m probably missing a few. Any others?

There’s at least one other Bond film referenced what with the ICBM delivery of Brock and the giant “beachball” suit. And then there’s the Poltergeist reference with the compound being built on the indian burial ground.

I have never liked Hank and Dean so much as when Hank stabbed Dean in the leg. Good times.

Are they making a second season at long last? The FAQ on their web site said it was still iffy.

This was the third episode of season two. I still think the first one was the best, but how can you not like a Brock-centered episode with such a great “The End” joke.

I am having such bad withdrawal from this show!! Dr. Orpheus is my favorite character, I think.

We got the DVD of the first season when it came out, but I haven’t seen any new ones yet. Probably won’t until the DVD comes out, as we don’t have cable. :frowning:

Awesome awesome awesome! I don’t do cable TV, but my GF bought the first season DVD and I got hooked. I was afraid there wouldn’t be a second.

Father, I want to kill you.
He’s your father! {slap}
He’s your mother! {slap}


Molotov, I want to… COME ON, BABY!

They reran this tonight, and I just had to look up and see if the voice of Cocktease looked as good as she sounds. Yup.

Wa wa wee wa!

If you go to the Adult Swim website you can watch the new episodes for free for a week. Its’ called the Friday night fix. Or something. I’ll be cable-free in four days, so I feel your pain.