Venture Bros. back for second season, or not?

Thought it was a done deal, but looking at its official site FAQ, seems to still be up in the air, wth? Anyone know the straight dope?

I’m sure I saw ads on Cartoon Network with a date when the new season starts. It wasn’t anytime soon though, after summer sometime.

New season starts in two weeks, June 25.

Hank and Dean are clones or something, right? How else will they come back after last season’s shocking conclusion?

I saw a bumper on AS that said the new season starts this month. They said they’ve seen the first episode and…

Yes, they’re still dead.

Jackson Publick, the co-creator, has been posting second season updates on his LiveJournal.
There will be at least 25 episodes! A huge number for traditional cel animation and a writing staff that apparently consists of two people.

Cool! Glad I was wrong about it being after summer. Thanks.

I can’t wait and I am glad it is more than the traditional 13 episodes.


…possibly gay

At the end of the last episode, does Professor Venture say “Well, they’re dead. Get their clones.” or “Get their clothes.”? I heard it as “clones” but I’ve seen it quoted as “clothes”.

Greatest. Show. Ever.

Clones I thought too.