Venus Butterfly secrets revealed

Remember this secret but apparently very successful technique which helped that short balding jewish lawyer on LA Law (old TV show) win the hand of that tall blond shiksa lawyer?


Well then, apparently this is more than just an old television show device to tittilate the viewers. Apparently one can get books and videos which detail the subject. Apparently it’s just one of the tricks in large bag of sexual techniques that make men and women better lovers.

Alright, maybe this works. But let’s review the credentials…

Developed by one, Dr. Bob (What? Is it a Muppet Show hospital skit reference?), who’s credentials seem to include: a PhD in Lifestyles (?), six appearances on Oprah, one on G.G. Liddy, and also the 700 Club.

I want to believe this works but I just can’t bring myself to actually accept any kind of advice from a man who looks like a cross between Rush Limbough and Bill Clinton. I mean the only thing worse than getting sex tips from Dr. Bob is getting them from a Dr. Larry … or Bill (the Factor) O’Reilly.

<No offense to any Bobs, Larrys or Bill O’Reillys on the SDMB>