Venus & Jupiter dance tonight plus concern over recent planetary alignment.

Talk about space…

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Dancing Gas Giants picked up enough relativistic mass to form an event horizon around it. Try reposting if the black hole doesn’t evaporate soon. :wink:

Every so often, a thread appears without an OP, and nobody’s sure of exactly why (beyond “server glitch”). They never come back, so if you want us to read your post, you’ll have to re-post it.

In the meantime, your title mentions “concern over the alignment”. If you’re worried about gravitational effects, don’t be. The Moon, Sun, and Jupiter are the only things in the solar system which produce any detectable gravitational effect on the Earth, and the Moon and Sun are the only things which produce a detectable tidal effect (which is what would cause earthquakes and the like). Furthermore, because the orbits of neither the Earth nor the Moon are circular, the strength of the gravitational and tidal effects changes by a bit, and the amount by which the Moon and Sun effects change are far larger than the combined effect of everything else in the solar system.

Tonight, June 3rd, the two brightest planets will converge in the evening twilight. Venus is of course the brighter of the two. I hope to see it myself, if the famous San Francisco fog will let me.

Last month my ex and I went to Alta Plaza Park to see the 5 naked eye planets, which we did. It was great. We could even see Mercury. I stood there marvelling at the sight. The only thing that would have made it better would be knowing that there were people out there on the planets, but that’s fodder for another thread. :smiley:

Overheard last month there was some concern about the planetary alignment. Does anyone here know what, if anything, the astrologers and new age types were worried about?

Thank you

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