Vera Farmiga is pregnant and nuts and very entertaining

She’s on Letterman right now. It’ll probably be on YouTube or in ten minutes.

That is all.

I saw her in the bizarre but very entertaining Quid Pro Quo. Vera Farmiga is unbelievably hot.

I had no idea who she was when I flipped channels over to Letterman at the very end of her appearance, when she was trying to explain the clip from her movie, but “hot” and “entertaining” were NOT two words that sprang to mind! I’ve never seen someone struggle so hard to form even an incomplete sentence, and she looked, well, tired and disheveled. And the clip didn’t show her at her acting best, I hope…maybe she was having an off day.

You missed the entertaining part. She was explaining how being pregnant has messed around with her hormones and the emotional reactions she had had to voting, the election, and other stuff. She was definitely loopy, but amusing.

I didn’t see the Letterman clip but I thought she was pretty amazing in Joshua.