Verizon, seriously?

My phone can hold 1000 contacts, with up to 8 different numbers for each.

But only 10 people to a group.


I don’t think Verizon makes phones.

I was thinking something similar - “How is it Verizon’s fault”

(Not being from the US I can only assume that Verizon is a service provider, not a handset producer)

Verizon doesn’t make the phone, but, with the exception of smartphones, every phone that verizon sells to run on thier network uses the Verizon-designed interface with the phone, which includes this restriction. Smartphones, because of the need for a full-fledged OS, don’t have to submit to Verizon’s will. They also cost twice as much and the service costs double what I pay now.

As a work around, can you make groups that contain group?

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They also won’t let you assign the same phone number to two different people…because you know, no company employs more than one person in Verizon’s world.

Not in all cases. I know they crippled the bluetooth on my Bosses Palm so that I couldn’t move his outlook contact info onto it for him.

Verizon also had Palm eliminate the WiFi capability on the touch screen phone. Bastages.

And other companies let you? I was under the impression this was just a general cell phone thing. I know that every phone I’ve gotten, no matter what plan I’m on, I couldn’t use my old phone AND my new phone at the same time, and was told that no two phones are supposed to have the same number.

I think there’s even been a thread about this here.


I’m talking about the directory. I can’t store Kevin’s work number because it is the same as Louise’s, which I have already entered. I also can’t put in Laurie’s home number, because I already used that for her husband Bob. So if Laurie doesn’t answer her cell, I have to recall her husband’s name, and find that in the directory in order to try her at home. Now there might be some way to do this with groups and such, but it sure would be nice to have all the numbers where one person might be reached stored under their name.

It is just a pain in the ass for me, but it is a dealbreaker or someone who works in sales.

Basically this is due to anal non-creative database design. It really would’t be hard to display several names for caller ID when a call comes in from a number with several associations.

I also wish they could have two separate contact lists. Maybe call them “business” and “personal.”

I’d like to have one contact list with bosses, suppliers, co-workers, and customers.

Then, a separate contact list for friends and family.

My work doesn’t stress me out to the point where I have to forget about it after quitting time (I actually greatly enjoy what I do), but it would be nice to not have to see non-work-related people when scrolling through my contacts in the evening.

Wow. Just wow.

Wow, BigT misunderstood what somebody said, let’s all antagonize him!

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Third, if you make a mistake of that magnitude and you don’t come back and acknowledge it, expect further ridicule.

How long have you been a doper?

A mistake of that magnitude? He misunderstood what you said. He wasn’t condescending or being a jerk. I don’t see the big deal.
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I was thinking about the only-one-person-per-number issue earlier today while running errands, and I was wondering, if you put a different extra numeral at the end of the phone number for each person you’d like to have a separate entry for, would that fool the phone? Say the real phone number is 212-555-1111; if you’d like to have that listed for both Kevin and Lisa, can you put them in your phone as:

Kevin 212-555-1111-2
Lisa 212-555-1111-3

As long as the number doesn’t dial into a system with extensions or an automated menu, the extra digit ought to be ignored by the phone switching system, but should still fool your phone. I haven’t tried it out, though.

So you can’t remember Laurie’s husband’s name? Enter them last name first and they will self group next to each other or enter couple’s names as Laurie & Bob Smith so you can look up Bob Smith. Bob’s would be Bob & Laurie smith (first name represents the person’s phone).

Or you can use the notes section to store miscellaneous information (note this will not transfer from phone to phone).

BTW, my Verizon phone lets me list 2 people for the same phone number.