Verizon Wireless ringback tones glitch?

So, I’ve set up some ringback tones on my Verizon Wireless account. They work fine, except for a timing glitch when the tone is allowed to play until the call goes to voicemail. All of the tones have a fadeout at the end; they’re obviously designed to play once then fade out before the voicemail picks up. Instead, after the fadeout, the tone loops and starts playing again for about a second, then it’s abruptly interrupted by the voicemail message. It sounds crappy. Is there something I can do about this or does their software just not play the tone the way it was designed to be played?

I haven’t used ringback tones but I have made my own ring tones and loaded them on my phone. I timed how long the phone takes before it rolls to voicemail, and made the ring tones just a couple of seconds longer to minimize the file size. Trust me, it’s not brain surgery to get this right.

It sounds like Verizon messed up the timing on the ringback side, which probably you can’t do anything about. The tone and the timing are both in the network, not your phone. Either the tone starts playing too soon, the switch takes too long to switch to voicemail, or the tone itself was not timed properly.

A call to complain will probably result in one of these, in descending order of probability:

[li]an explanation of “that’s how it’s supposed to work”[/li][li]an explanation that they are aware of the problem and will have it corrected “soon”[/li][li]an apology and a refund of the cost of the ringback tone[/li][/ul]