Veronica Mars 11/30/05

Oh, there is a WAR going on, baby!

also - loved the scene between Alyson and Charisma

going back to watch more of V digging up dirt on Lianne

so VP Clemmons is no longer a powerless fact-totem. interesting.

Which ending did you like better? I liked the original - leaves itself open for more conflict rather than a simple misunderstanding blown way out of proportion

I also like the original ending for the same reason.

I’m not sure that baby is Duncan’s. Meg did have that mystery letter from Seattle, and she wasn’t really showing at the time of the bus crash, at which point Meg and Duncan had been broken up for quite awhile.

I agree. But, either way, I bet ten theoretical bucks that…

Meg’s dad knocked her up.

They broke up shortly before the end of Junior year - and the field trip was early september - less than 4 months - she wouldn’t really be showing at all especially if she were wearing something loose fitting

wow - really? where did that come from?

I could be wrong, but I think we’re extrapolating from…

the fact that the creepy dad kept one of his daughters locked in a closet

This is my new favourite show. I loved seeing Charisma and Alyson together again… and having Joss guest star a few eps back… magic!

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the table reading for this ep!

would have been super cool if they could have managed to hire Nick Brendan also… (well, a girl can dream, can’t she?)

I guess that’s true. I couldn’t remember the timeline of exactly when Duncan broke up with Meg. It just seems like there would be more to it than that. On this show, things are rarely simple. :slight_smile:

And I love the pre-romance between Mac and Beaver-- that’s a great couple. But what is with this show’s fascination with parents who aren’t really your parents? Veronica’s paternity doubts, Mac switched at birth with another girl, Trina abandoned by the principal and being adopted by the Echolls family… whew!

Also, why was Aaron adopting? Could he not have children? Is Logan adopted too? (I know, different mother, but still…)

And what did Kendall mean when she said that she’d been in Duncan’s bed? He didn’t sleep with her, did he? My impression was that he’d been resisting her efforts to get him into bed.

Also, I like the original ending, for the same reason as everyone else. I just don’t want the season to get bogged down in Veronica being investigated for murdering Meg. Also, I’d much rather that Meg was secretly awake than that she was smothered while in a coma.

Was the implication of the original ending supposed to be that she had just woken up, or that she’s pretending to be in a coma so that no one would know that she was pregnant? I wasn’t sure.

Something I just thought of: (spoilers for alternate ending)

In the alternate ending, it’s very quiet as Meg’s mom suffocates her, and Meg looks fairly peaceful when Veronica comes out - I would think if Meg was awake all this time, she would fight (would she if she were sleeping? I don’t know these things.) and makes noises or something. So - would that mean she just woke up?

I liked the original ending better, too. I find it much more believable that Meg would be hiding a pregnancy by pretending to be in a coma.

The other ending just didn’t seem believable. If Mom was going to kill Meg, why on Earth would she have waited so long? I mean, Meg has been helpless in a hospital room for months. The timing is just too coincidental. I am assuming that Meg was still in a coma because she didn’t fight, so what would have set Mom off now? I hate it when believability is sacrificed for unfortuanate coiencidents in television.

Probably somewhere right south of my lumbar vertebra. But(t), really, here’s my reasoning:

Meg’s family is religiously psycho. (That plot device tends to be an empty canvas, usable for any number of odd human behaviors the viewers would otherwise question.) Meg’s preggers. Meg’s mom decided to kill Meg because, while the shame of having a pregnant teenager is certainly a big enough cross for them to lug around, the truth of Meg’s father being the, er… the father, would tear her, the Mom’s, whole world apart. Blaming it all on Meg would allow the Mom to continue to pretend she really didn’t know her husband was molesting the kids.

That’s just a hunch based off one alternate ending, though. Not much to support it otherwise.

i don’t think she just woke up as Veronica left, but I also don’t think she’s been pretending the whole time. She may have woken up earlier in the day or maybe just before Veronica came into the room.

The show also seems to have a thing for teacher-student liaisons

we’re all overlooking the uneasy alliance between Weevil and Logan - I don’t know all the names of Weevil’s gang but that one who said he’d have made sure logan was under ground - i think he’s the one who killed Felix

Interesting episode. Not my favorite so far this year, but a solid one. I liked the aired ending better too. Veronica being arrested for Meg’s death would have been over the top.

I liked the Trina/Kendall scene and the fight between Logan and Weevil especially. Also funny was Veronica’s careless/indifferent handling of the “baby”.

That’s Hector.

I think she meant that literally. When Duncan comes out of the shower in Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner, it looks like Kendall is actually sitting (naked) on Duncan’s bed.

Hmm, and the preview for next week said someone is gonna die?

I believe it said “someone in Veronica’s world will die.” That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s somebody who’s really close to her; it could be any one of the 11,000 supporting characters we’ve seen before. :slight_smile:

Anybody want to make wild guesses?

it’ll either be Meg or Meg’s unborn child

I don’t think it would be Meg. If so, they wouldn’t have tipped their hand by killing her in the alternate ending last night.

Better not be Cliff!

Hmm. If it’s a regular (i.e. someone in the opening credits) I’d guess… Duncan or Weevil. I think the new regulars (Jackie, Beaver and Dick) are tied into this year’s mysteries in ways we don’t know about yet and aren’t going anywhere (plus, if they were gonna die so soon, the actors could have just been left at recurring status). Keith is almost as untouchable as Veronica IMO, and Logan seems pretty popular and I feel like he and Veronica have unfinished business. Slight chance of Wallace, I suppose, but I don’t see them bringing him back from his absence just to die suddenly.

But Duncan… I feel like he and Veronica’s relationship is on the way out (especially since he probably has a kid with Meg now), and I don’t know what purpose he would serve on the show after that. Unlike last year, he doesn’t seem to be tied into this year’s mysteries at all. I suppose if they did break up, he could play the part of the ex-boyfriend, but we already have Logan doing that. And Weevil hasn’t had a ton to do this year… of course, it now seems like his story lines are heating up, what with movement on the Felix murder and he and Logan possibly teaming up to investigate it. But if he were to die it might further the Felix mystery (and even possibly the bus crash, if they’re related) and Logan and Veronica would still be investigating it.

If it’s just a recurring character… then I don’t know. There’s so many possible people it could be, especially if we go back to the season one characters that haven’t reappeared so far this season. But I’ll go out on a limb and say Gia. I don’t know what’s up with her or her dad, but there’s something shady with Woody, at the least. And it’s possible the bus crash might have been targeted at her, which could mean that someone finally gets around to making another attempt on her life.