Veronica Mars 2.2: "Driver Ed" (inevitable open spoilers)

It sure didn’t take long for the plot to thicken.

Fun to see Kevin Smith in there.

So what’d everybody think?

I think Wallace’s new love interest (Jackie?) will turn out to be a problem
That was her in the opening scene who was so rude to Veronica
Who was the dead body that washed up? are we supposed to have recognized him?

Liked it.

I’m not sure who the body was. Possibly the driver of the bus himself? It definitely looked like a body that washed up on the beach. I sure as hell didn’t see the final suprise coming. I’m not sure what to make of that, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting how it plays out.

I liked the scene in the hallway between Veronica and Logan. A lot of tension in that. Everytime Logan is around now, Veronica gets this pained expression and doesn’t even respond to his comments, it seems like. I’m thinking that there’s some unresolved feelings there.

Big Dick seems like an interesting guy. I wonder if he’s connected to the whole mayoral storyline.

Actually, looking at some screenshots that were posted elsewhere, it looks the body at the end is the guy who’s lighting a candle at the bus crash site early in the episode. The one Veronica leans down to help. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Hmm, maybe it was that guy. I try not to put too much stock in promos because they’re usually so misleading, but were there any more clues in the promo?

Hmm. I don’t remember anything specifically about the victim’s identity. I don’t remember if they showed the body in the promos, I’d have to watch it again.