"Veronica Mars" is the best show in the universe!

Well, I think there’s a drama in the Gamma quadrant that is probably better, but I forget the name.

“Veronica Mars” alone provides justification for the existence of the UPN network.

It’s so…deep.

True, on the surface it looks like a show for 16 year old girls, and true, I’m a 36 year old man that probably shouldn’t be interested in it.

But…I love it!

Does everyone…or at least…ANYONE agree with me?

Yeah, well the people on Mars say the exact same thing about “Veronica Earth”. So who’s right?

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I think you misspelled “The Venture Bros.”

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It’s ai’ight.

I think all the stuff with the “who killed Lizzie Maguire” or whoever her friend was is actually the weakest. The stand alone mysteries are fun.

The cast is really good. The girl from Napoleon Dynamite is good. Veronica is cute in the most unsexual way imaginable and very charismatic. The show is stylistic without being pompous.

The fake id episode is particularly good.

“Oh you stop it.”

I’ll see your ‘Veronica Mars’ and raise you a ‘Shameless’


I’ve seen an ep. I liked it. I’m not exactly sure it’s the best thing ever, but it was certainly better than a lot of TV. (For the record, I saw the “You’re adopted” episode)

I agree on that episode.
“Hi Dad! Their case is fuzzy and circumstantial.”
“You know the odd thing? Those were also her very first words.”

That was the pisode that finally convinced me, though I have watched them all.

It’s not the best thing ever but it is a fine fine piece of entertainment.

OK, perhaps I overstated it a little bit. But there are so many moments in the show that I simply was not expecting.

Although I did not think it was within her character to just rip up the paper telling her if her father is her real dad.

Definitely loving this show. Possibly my favorite thing on.

I’m hooked, which is the kiss of death for any show.

I won’t go as far as the OP but this is definitely a show worth watching. When I watch Lost I keep waiting for each episode to kick in; I always feel that show is on the edge of being something better. But on Veronica Mars I experience the opposite effect; each episode is always about 10% better than I expected it would be.

“Want to know how I lost my virginity? So do I.”

Here is an interview of Kristen Bell I found online. It’s an interesting read. It disturbs me, though, that it was done by “popGurls” lol

Ah well…

Oh, right…the

The show tries, with varying degrees of success, to be both serious (in a soap opera fashion) and bubblegum. It is at its most entertaining when it’s about Veronica being the wily girl detective. It takes a nosedive when we’re dealing with personal dramas that don’t apparently connect to Veronica’s story, even though they strongly hint that it’s all going someplace.

Where it’s going is the big problem with the show. The show is hanging on this story arc about Lilly’s murder. At some point, they will either have brought this to a conclusion, in which case the entire show stands to collapse because everything everybody does is about this murder one way or another, or they will have to continue teasing the viewers and never really tell them what’s going on, in which case the audience will come to feel strung along, and the series will end without a conclusion having ever been reached.

Oh, and this business about “Abel killed Kane,” wow. They only way that’s going to get any more clever is when they inevitably hammer an explanation of the joke into somebody’s dialogue. Or, have I missed it already?

I like the show, but in the kind of cruel world in which Beans Baxter got cancelled, what chance does Veronica Mars have?

That’s actually what hooked me on the show. Definite “wow” moment.