Versus - Jap-action at it's best?

I rented this yesterday without really knowing much about it - I’ll be really honest and say I really, really liked the cover - but watching it was an experience-and-a-half.

I’ve actually seen it twice now - simply cos I couldn’t really grasp what I was seeing first-time around - it’s just mind-blowing…

OK - it’s low budget but the acting is top-notch.
The action is visceral - the fight scenes are as well-done as I’ve ever seen.
The gore-level is excessive - but then the director throws in this ‘Raimi style’ slapstick which I assume is to say “don’t take this too seriously”.

I’ve heard of films which leave you ‘breathless’ - but this is the first time I’ve seen one.

So - if you’ve not seen it, can I direct you to your local Blockbuster - and if you have, please tell me what else I’ve been missing :slight_smile:



Please tell me that the name of the film is “Versus-Jap” and that you didn’t just actually say “Jap-action film”?

Easy there, Chefguy. I’ve seen the word “Jap-animation” instead of anime. The OPer was probably just basing the title off of that.

The term ‘HK-action’ is used a lot so ‘Jap-action’ seemed appropriate - no pun intended :slight_smile:

I didn’t think “Versus - Japanese action films at their best?” was quite a snappy you see :slight_smile:

It’s origination isn’t as important as it’s style tho :wink:



it’s playing at the Asian film festival here next month and i may check it out.

it’s incredibly entertaining, but drags a bit in the second half.

Yup, definitely one of my favorite action films. And short of the Evil Dead series, probably my favorite “just for fun” action movie. Sure the second half lags a little (the bits where they’re babbling on about prophecy and all that), but everything before and after those bits make up for it.

I liked it, but the second hour did drag on a bit.

If you like outrageously excessive gory movies from Japan, try and find a copy (preferably the 128 minute uncut version) of Ichi The Killer. That is a movie filled with sequences that make you think “holy shit, what the hell happened there” or “F**k me, I can’t believe they put that in a movie and the family values group haven’t all had heart attacks”.

You may also want to check out Visitor Q. Not a “gore” movie per se but definitely a jaw dropper.

Versus is a really fun movie. The whole concept of the forest was great (what it did AND what it was used for). I think my favorite bit though was The Matrix tribute. That was hilarious. Great fun!

This is definitely on my “DVDs to buy” list. My last order, I had to pick from three Japanese zombie flicks: Junk, Wild Zero, and Versus. All are blind buys for me, and I ended up going with Junk. I’ll get all three eventually.

I’m torn whether to buy Ichi the Killer blind. My only exposure to Miike was Audition, which I did not like at all. Not because of the violence per se (I can handle that), but because I felt like Miike cheated on the plot, and all the goings-on at the end were just an excuse to throw something in the viewer’s face.

Anyway, my Asian DVD collection grows and grows.

I understand what you mean about Audition. Ichi The Killer is based on a manga comic book whereas Audition was based on a novel. The plot in Ichi is actually not as important as the development of the 2 lead characters. The plot is really just an excuse to develop two polar opposite characters (a pure sadist and a pure masochist). The plot does however allow Miike to let the blood flow. I read in an interview with him that he doesn’t differentiate between love, sex and violence in his movies and that really shows through in Ichi.

Divemaster, I’m hoping you already own Bio-Zombie! As fun as the other films on your “to buy” list are, none of them are anywhere NEAR as fun. Junk is interesting, but be prepared for Wild Zero. I own a copy of it, and I love zombie movies and Guitar Wolf, but it is kinda slow and disjointed, so you may want to watch it first before you decide to buy.

Versus should do nothing but please.

Apologies for waking a sleeping thread - but I took up the recommendation and sought-out a copy of Ichi the Killer

Now that was a seriously damaging film, I got all the sadist/masochist stuff and it brings new meaning to ‘visceral’ for sure - but was it just my imagination or does Ichi not actually exist? (e.g. there is no pure sadism - only pure masochism?)

or was I just making that bit up?


Bio-Zombie was pretty fun. Versus and Ichi are both going to be during the Asian Film festival here. i have to balance work and classes to see all the films i want to see, i need to get to making a flowchart

Interesting idea. I’d never though of it in that way but it does kinda make sense given the final 2 or 3 scenes. I’ve seen quite a few of Miikes films and I’d always figured he just put it in to screw with your head as he seems to do that quite a lot.

If you came to that conclusion about Ichi, I’d be interested to hear your take on the ending of Dead Or Alive (another Miike film with an :confused: ending)