Very cool...but ARE YOU SHITTING ME??

Country music producer Tony Brown had a severe head injury.

"The 56-year-old producer was in Los Angeles on business for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences when he fell down some stairs April 11.

At UCLA Medical Center, a CT scan and a monitor showed bleeding and severe pressure buildup, and Brown was rushed into surgery.

Nashville record producer Garth Fundis, who was with him that night, said Brown underwent an extreme procedure called a craniotomy, in which a significant portion of his skull was removed and stored, for preservation, in his abdomen. That gave the brain room to swell, instead of crushing down on the brain stem."

I love medical progress. But OHMYGAWD…I hope they let him sleep for a couple months. I’m not sure I could handle the knowledge that my skull was in my abdomen.

Just thought I’d share. :eek:

That’s nothing.

My boss has had his skull in his abdomen, by way of his arsehole, for years now.

I’d like a definition of “a significant portion of his skull”. I, for one, would consider any portion of my skull to be significant. There are those who would consider anything less than half to be insignificant.

But seriously, wtf?!?

Dude, pull your head out.

Next musician he produces will be Headbelly.

Stored for preservation, BAH! Women would choose a hope chest over an abdomen ANY day!

It’s like that procedure they do when you have a skin graft on your hand. You have to walk aroung with your hand inside your stomach area. The good thing is, if your hand has that much damage, you probably can’t feel the stuff inside you.

Woah. I’m seriously creeped out.

hillbilly queen…for real?

:: shudder ::


You said Garth. I thought of Garth Brooks.

*Oh, I’ve got my skull in low places

Where my whiskey ends up and my beer chases

Fecal matter away

Will my hair be okay?*