Very cool Scottish bicycle stunts

Pretty amazing. I suppose the outtakes would show multiple contusions and/or compound fractures:

It’s impressive in its way, but ultimately doesn’t really do much for me. For all the technical skill involved, it’s just an exercise in style. I’d be a lot more impressed if he used those skills to actually get someplace; to cross an obstacle that was in his way, not just that looked cool.

1:28 fits the bill, for example.

I’ve seen this before. Danny MacAskill is ridiculously good. I want to know how he first discovered he could ride along the top of a pointy metal railing. It must have been a very painful process…

What gets me about these is that, to an uninformed observer, a lot of them look irreducibly complicated. i.e. you either get it right the first time you commit to it or you are spending some time in casualty.

Of course my gut instinct is wrong here. These are extensions of core skills that the lad has built up over years but that doesn’t diminish them one jot. Very impressive (and elegant).

I like the Way Back Home video better. Starting with a front flip off the wall of Edinburgh castle is pretty epic.

I used to see him practising near where I work; sure I saw him doing the tree stunt (at about 3.12) once as I walked by.
He now does this sort of thing professionally!

I saw a documentary about him not too long ago, and the fence trick took a long time to learn, with many falls.

Ooo, yeah - thanks! Hope he doesn’t have back and spinal problems in old age. Looks like he’s taken quite a pounding from some of those landings.

Where was the tree stunt? That’s the only place that I didn’t recognise. The majority of locations seem to be around George Square and the Commonwealth Pool or down near the Omni Centre.

I sw him doing it using one of the trees in the Meadows, just off Middle Meadow Walk. Not certain where the video stunt was done as the background doesn’t look right for where I saw him do it, but I think the background could be the far side of Melville Drive near the foot of MMW.