Very cool, very weird flash game

Time fcuk (it’s also worth nothing that the creator has said any spelling of the second word is acceptable as long as it uses fcuk.)

It’s part Portal, part…umm…other things? I don’t know how else to describe it. There’s sort of an AI face thingie that talks to you with bizarre, G.L.A.D.O.S-esque phrases and quips (like "Remember that time we had fun?..I don’t.)

Towards the later levels, you start to get a small growth that gradually gets larger, that the AI names “Steven.”

You can “switch” dimensions by hitting ‘a’, which makes the other colored landscape, which was previously ion the background, the “front” landscape that you know walk and jump on. Likewise, there are blocks, portals, etc… only in one dimension or the other, though the blocks you can “bring” with you when you change. It’s hard to describe accurately, you really need to play it.

I’m stuck on level…umm…ok, I don’t see level numbers, but the name is “Deep Cuts.”

Edit: nevermind, just got it!

Interesting game. Seems like it’s trying a little too hard to emulate Portal’s sense of Bad Things underneath the surface.

I bookmarked it to play when I’m more awake. I especially like the “phasing” thing, where there’s 2 boards and you can phase shift between them.

I finished it, pretty fun and definitely weird.

I got the ‘good’ ending (going by the achievements anyway), I assume the ‘bad’ ending is:

you press the reset button to take the suicide pill like steven tells you to?

I don’t really feel like replaying the whole thing to find out!