Very detailed info on Las Vegas homes and residents

I managed to find Celine Dion’s home in there, complete with an aerial photo.

Isn’t this going a little too far? Apparently, even a big-name celebrity like Celine can’t escape this!
HENDERSON NV 89011-2011

Last Sales Date: 08/2003 T-R-S: 21-63-23
Last Sales Price: $5,056,256

Primary Residential Structure

Total Living Sq. Ft. - 6608
1st Floor Sq. Ft. - 6608
2nd Floor Sq. Ft. - N/A
Basement - NO
Garage Sq. Ft. - 500
Stories - ONE STORY
Bedrooms - 5
Bathrooms - 5 FULL 1 HALF
Fireplace - 4
Addn/Conv - NONE
Pool - YES
Spa - YES
Type of Construction - FRAME STUCCO

Payment History :eek:

Last Payment Amount - $781.81
Payment Posted - 4/9/2004

Not that I give a shit about Celine… but that is REALLY scary! Big Brother is alive and well. :frowning:

Where are you finding the extended info? All I get is a map.

Click on the lot and make sure you haven’t disabled popup windows.

We had the same type of system in Montreal for a while. We used it in an urban geography class I took. I can’t remember what details were on it, but it did include cadastre number, owner, valuation, and I think frontage as well.

In this thread I linked a different tool (same city) which seems to me to be more fun than the one you found. I’m sure that the tools must be related; they seem to be accessing the same data. :smiley:


Thanks, AmbushBug! I had actually seen that before but I lost the URL to it. I took a Las Vegas course last semester and during one class, my professor showed us these two websites. I can’t imagine having information about my house being displayed publicly like that. You don’t even need a login to access the site. Crazy! :eek:

Ya know, all that information has always been available to the public simply for the asking - usually at your county recorder’s office.

I live in Las Vegas and I have to admit, it was kinda freaky to write my name and see an ariel view of my home and what I paid for it 5 years ago!

I knew a girl who did aerial photos for a living. They’ve been doing this forever. You can get a picture of virtually any property in the U.S. (maybe even the world!).

The payments on a 5 million dollar home are only $780? What, did she get a 1500 year morgage?

That’s not the mortgage payment. Mortgage payments are a private matter between you and your bank. That $781 dollars is the first quarter '04 property tax. And it should be noted that she owns a “double lot.” The last property tax payment on the adjoining parcel was $8,596.56.