Very funny cat video

I’m assuming that the first cat didn’t get hurt, just made a lot of noise.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the cat in the middle just wanted his own cup of coffee.

Cats Being Jerks.

I’m sorry, you really pulled an amateur move, posting that link here on the Dope; there just simply are not that many cat people on here.

Very funny and cute!

snerts! Yeah, nobody here would crack up at the kitteh attacking the dog.

Hah. Ripping up the toilet paper. How lame a joke is that? If cats really wanted to stick it to their owners, they’d spray the toilet paper with tabasco sauce.

It’s not the mere act of ripping up the toilet paper … it’'s the fierce fiendish determination in the way they go about it!

My cats don’t rip toilet paper, but one of them likes to bite into bags of paper towels.