very healthy relationships shown in media

Another vote for the family relationships in Madam Secretary. The family in Black-ish is also a good one, and quite believable.

All 3 couples on Modern Family.

Turk and Carla on Scrubs.

Heck, Turk and JD on Scrubs.

Modern Family has some of the most dysfunctional relationships I’ve ever seen on television.

The How to Train Your Dragon TV series and movies have a pretty reasonable and healthy relationship between Hiccup and Astrid. It’s strange to see at all on TV, let alone in a kids’ series.

Wash and Zoe in Firefly

Oh, yeah. “A lot of people don’t… get… me and Zoe.”

“Have you ever been with a warrior woman?!”

Not in my opinion. If one partner is cheating, something is usually lacking.

Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, from Hart to Hart

The Thatchers in LIfe Goes On and Patty and Graham Chase in My So-Called Life. All were flawed but realistic human beings in a good relationship.

Yes. These two.

For reals this! None of the relationships are healthy. Funny, yes. Healthy? not even close.

I was going to say this, too. I love all three couples; don’t find them dysfunctional at all.

Going way back, I seem to recall that Roseanne and Dan had a pretty healthy marriage and family life. They made mistakes, but that was the point, that they were all very human.

Jenny and Vastra on Doctor Who. Healthy, if not entirely human…

Jean and Lionel Hardcastle in the British sitcom As Time Goes By. It’s a good depiction of a couple who really love each other, and show it in the way they treat each other.

Helen and Stanley Roper
Gladys and Abner Cravitz
Marge and Homer Simpson

Inspector Murdoch and Dr. Ogden in Murdoch Mysteries, once they are actually married. They are depicted as a loving, respectful and equal partnership - almost too much so.

The thing that Medium a watchable show was the relationship between Patricia Arquette and Jack Weber. Despite the fact that it was a ridiculous show based on a “real” psychic the relationship felt real. They had problems but worked them out as a couple.

I bailed on the show before the end so maybe he became a serial rapist during sweeps and I didn’t see it.