Very irregular Latin verb question

It’s at the back of my mind that there was an irregular verb “to strike” which went:

ferio - ferire - percussi - ictum

Not to be confused with:

fero - ferre - tuli - latus

which IIRC is “to carry.”

Can someone correct the above, and let me know how much I have partly/totally misremembered it?

You have listed four principal parts from three different verbs, all meaning “strike.” The principal parts of ferio are

      **ferio, ferire, ferivi, feritus**

Percussi is the third principal part of percutio:

      **percutio, percutere, percussi, percussus**

And ictum (ictus) is the fourth principal part of icio:

      **icio, icere, ici, ictus**

See Professor William Harris’s Latin Dictionary and Form Finder.

That makes sense! Thanks. I can’t think what our Latin master was trying to give an example of when he said that thing, but maybe just the prevalance of synonyms in Latin or something.