Very old thread title

I first joined straight dope almost 10 years ago. Now since I was born in '41 my memory is not what it used to be. I am trying to come up with the name of the thread that was a sort of running soap opera involving sheep. This should have been at least 7 or 8 years ago.
the title was something like “Ewes …”

I am wondering if any of the older fogies on board remember this thread which went on and on and on and was to my mind at that time hysterically funny.

I have done a search trying to find it without any hits. similar searches on google and also coming up blank.

I would love to be able to review that thread again. Any suggestions please ?


Certainly, you don’t mean…

Sex with sheep is fun!

Wow, it’s been almost 4 years since Hal was porking sheep! Who knew? :slight_smile:

Since this is a question about a thread on the board, let’s move it to About This Message Board.

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Mahaloth Certainly, you don’t mean…

Sex with sheep is fun!
No No the thread I am talking about was MUCH older. It was way back before many SDMB crashes, and long before there was any thought of charging for membership.

It was like a sheepy novel that began (if I remember correctly) with the de regeur “It was a dark and stormy night”


Just in case anyone doesn’t read past the first few posts (or indeed, the title) of that thread, it was a prank by one of Hal’s co-workers, when he unwisely left his computer unattended while logged in.

Was it this thread, perhaps? (Title: Ewes sluts)

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Was it this thread, perhaps? (Title: Ewes sluts)

Right on Dewey ! many thanks

8 years ago ( I thought a bit more)
how did you remember a thread done 2 years before you joined?

or were you (like me ) a longtime lurker ?


Being able to search SDMB using Google makes life a lot easier. Simply searching for ewes produces 178 results, which isn’t TOO bad.

But you can go into advanced search and choose to see more search options (date, numeric range, etc), and limit it to things that came from and had “ewes” in the title of the page - 1 result.

If you do the search by hand it looks like: allintitle: ewes

It’s the first result on a Google search for “ewes”

BTW, thanks to Jerry for opening the board up to the Google spider.

Shadez , Dewey Finn

Thanks for info on searching. I have just tried again on google
I had not remembered the title of the thread, only that the word “ewe” was contained in it
so I searched google for straightdope and ewe. I just did it again and got 511 hits, and now I see that
“ewes sluts” are on the last (11th) page. apparently the oldest hits on the board files.

Anyway, thanks to all for the help, I have just re-read the whole thread. Now I am going to track down scylla’s other threads.


Sadly, yes, the search mechanism here is … well, less than fully reliable. Glad you found it.