Very simple stove-top recipes?

I have a friend who’s not an expereinced cook, and whose also travelling in Europe, staying at student hostels and such, and he requested very basic recipes that can be cooked in one or maybe two pots, with a knife, fork, and maybe a cutting board for prep?
I expect there isn’t a lot of ramen or rice a roni kicking around where he is, so those are out. I also imagine that fresh herbs (he’s in Spain) are easier for him to get than carrying around a variety of dried spices.

So, given these limitations, what have you got?

If you can dig out a frying pan, wash and chop up a couple of potatoes into small pieces. Heat the pan and fry to potatoes gently until they’re sort of soft. Beat four eggs together, and pour them over the potatoes, keeping the heat low. Cook until the eggs are cooked through. Very easy. You can dice up and add a bunch of other veggies, too.

Hmm… what about a spoon? Will a spoon be available?

A few of my signature ground beef dishes could probably be made in such circumstances… a one-pot tomato meat sauce for pasta would be easy, although draining pasta without a colander using just the lid of the pot can be challenging.

Browning meat in a pan, simmering it in some kind of simple broth or sauce, and then mixing rice or noodles into the same pot to cook them can also be good.