Very specific and probably stupid question about tea.

When I was little I thought since I liked tea with milk and tea with lemon, I could make a tea that would be creamy tart with milk AND lemon. Of course we know how that turned out. But I’ve been thinking that an Early Grey, Chia or green tea would make a great lemon curd or lime cheesecake sort of dealie if only I could get the citrus and the dairy to agree.

Is there a way to do this? Preferably in a hot tea but any other suggestions on getting these tastes together, like a pre-mixed or already bottled, would be fine. Also, please reassure me that I don’t have crazy taste buds and this is a thing.

“Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”

The acid in citrus juice curdles the casein in milk.

There’s no acid in lemon oil, oil of bergmont (used to make Earl Grey) or lemongrass. There could be no milk in the purest cream – I think in British nations that’s clotted cream, or maybe butter. Still, it may still curdle.

Lemon curd is a pudding made of emulsifiers and citrus and dairy. Plenty of people like that. Or maybe a lemon meringue pie? Just drop a scoup of that into your tea.

How about using almond milk, or almond cream, along with the lemon?

Hmmm, a soy vanilla milk maybe. I don’t like almond milk but soy is fine.

Have you tried putting milk in Earl Grey tea? I do it all the time but maybe I’m just weird.

For a different take, here’s a recipe for Earl Grey ice cream:

Green tea ice cream is also a thing around here. Maybe you’d like that.

Yes, I put milk in tea all the time. I also like citrus in my tea. I’m trying to get both at the same time.

Someone mentioned lemongrass upthread. I wonder if you could get the effect you want if you added a bag of lemongrass tea to your usual tea? The flavor isn’t quite like lemon, but it might be worth investigating.

ETA: It’s not a stupid question. Tea must be perfect! I spent way too much time searching for a specific tea I liked that had all but disappeared. I found it and still have 13 boxes left, LOL.

If you put milk in your tea and then add a drop of the “lemon extract” used for baking, (a) does it curdle, AND (b) does it taste right?

P.S. Apparently you can make your own lemon extract by soaking finely grated lemon zest in vodka for 6 weeks or so.

Bigelow has a black tea called “Lemon Lift.” I am not familiar with it (I’ve seen it at the store), but maybe that would work?

You can also use vodka (or grain alcohol) and lemon zest on a larger scale to make Lemoncello.

Try using lemon zest instead of lemon juice for the flavoring. The zest has the oil that gives it the lemon flavor but it doesn’t have the citric acid that’s in the juice.

Gonna try the lemon flavored tea and the zest thingie and the soy and see how these things work out. Maybe I’ll mix and match 'em.