VERY Specific Question About the Movie "Along Came a Spider"

Along Came a Spider was a thriller/mystery from 2001 starring Morgan Freeman as Dr. Alex Cross, a psychological profiler/cop. The movie is a part of a franchise based on the Alex Cross books. But enough about that.

In the opening sequence of the film, Cross and his team are trying to sting a serial killer, and one of their female agents is in the bad guy’s car, driving down the highway. The bad guy is on the screen for maybe thirty seconds, total.

I swear I’ve seen that guy before. He reminds me of “Joe Isuzu” from those commercials back in The Day. Since I don’t know the character’s name (it’s not revealed in the dialogue) and I have no idea what the actor’s name is, an IMDB search is out of the question.

Anybody know who he is? My best description of him is: white, probably 43-50, brown hair, big lips, and a rather smarmy look.

So who the hell IS this guy?