Very weak WiFi and how could I hav overcome it?

I’m in the hospital (going home tomorrow I think, and I’m okay) and the WiFi connection sucks. That is, it sucks when I get on the hospital wifi, and then try to go directly to my favorite poker site. It’s an absolute no go.

But, when I instead it the Bookmark to go here (the Dope) and then hit Start -> Poker Site I get to the site, log in, and am now signed up for the “Tourney” at 8:20pm.

Why’s that?

If I can’t reply, today, I will when I get home - tomorrow, I think. And I’ll also watch the Football game tonight.

Doesn’t matter. I’m now independently wealthy. :cool:

I hereby give permission to any impecunious, and bitterly envious Mod to close this thread.