Vestibular Disease in Cats

All signs are pointing to this in our cat…The vet seems to think thats the problem…Has anyone elses cat gone thru this?

He wants to eat but I think he doesnt because of nausea.

This condition seems to just go away after a few weeks,according to many websites…

I’m hoping somebody elses cat has gone thru this and can give me some hope that this does go away on its own and he can be back to his regular self.

Here’s a link to information on vestibular disease. I’ve seen it more often in dogs, and the material is skewed more toward dogs, but the information is equally relevant to cats. I haven’t seen it last longer than a week, and if it did either a specialty appointment was next, including a CT scan, or the pet was assumed to have The Bad Thing and was let go.

Is he on anti-nausea and motion sickness medication? He should be. If he’s bad enough off that he can’t walk with purpose, make sure he’s confined in the home if he’s not still hospitalized. A large dog kennel works great. Set it up with food, water, a medium-small litter box, and bedding.

I would start making serious decisions after a week, though. It sucks. I’m so sorry! How old is he?

He is 13 yrs old…We have him home and he’s not an outdoor cat…He seems very active despite his wobblyness…The vet told us that it should clear up in a few weeks as his cat had the exact same symptoms…The vet also said it was Idiopathic Vestibular Disease.

The vet ruled out any other causes. He looked at xrays and there were no spinal injuries or anything else to get concerned about…The cat also had full blood work done about a month and a half ago and all was great.

Our concern is getting him to eat. I know he wants to.

We have been giving him cat’s milk that I got in the store and he laps it up pretty good, so at least he is getting some nutrients.

He seems to be the most unsteady after he sleeps for a bit, then he warms up and he walks better.

The vet said its not fatal, but seeing what he is going thru kinda sucks…You can tell he is bothered by it, but he’s not sure why. Btw he has had the symptoms for about 2 weeks now.

Heres hoping it goes away like I’ve been reading about.

We’ve seen good, quick results in dogs with Cerenia a newish nausea/motion sickness drug. It’s use in cats is off label but it is safe for cats.

We picked up Cerenia from the vet this morning…Its only 4 pills for now to see if it helps.

Hopefully he comes out of this soon.