Veteran's Administration Adds Pentacle to Grave Marker Options

Rather than reanimate this old thread (please, if you go read it, don’t post to it, or it’ll be a zombie!), I thought I’d just start a new one to mention that the Pentacle, symbol of The Church of Wicca and many assorted neopagan paths, has officially been added to the list of symbols offered by the VA for grave markers.

While it’s always been possible to buy a blank marker and pay to have a symbol carved on it, this now means that the families of Wiccan soldiers don’t have to do so - it will be provided by the VA, just like Crosses, Stars of David and about 40 other religious and areligious symbols have been.

Link to the updated list, with graphics.

Sorry if something was already posted on this, I didn’t see it.

Also discussed here.

d’oh! Thanks, pinkfreud!