VH1 "Divas" Concert 12/16

Last Sunday night, my wife was watching some heavily hyped “Divas” concert on VH1. Current female acts doing their own music or covers of various hits/artists.

It sounded terrible. Just awful. Act after act of just really bad sound. And I’m not saying “I didn’t like those acts” but rather people who should be able to belt out a competent tune regardless of my tastes who sounded off key or off tempo or something. I’m not musically educated enough to describe it other than just being bad. My wife (who was more into most of the acts than me) agreed that it was not a good show for anyone. I didn’t watch every act but I probably saw about an hour of it, walking in and out, and the only plausibly good performance was a number by Paloma Faith. I like Metric but they sucked out loud. I won’t try to remember and name all the other acts (Ciara(?), Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and others) but none seemed “on”.

My wife suggested it was a technical issue; that maybe they weren’t hearing themselves in their earpieces properly or something and it was throwing everyone off. But did anyone else catch this and think it was a poor showing or were my wife and I in some alternate universe? She only had it on for background noise but said it wasn’t getting any better when I asked.

I had to check out Miley’s rendition of “Rebel Yell” – she’s got nothing on Mr. Idol.