VHS phase-out

Several retailers announced they will no longer carry prerecorded VHS tapes. Nothing I’ve read mentions blank tapes. Are they going too, or will I still be able to record things?

I doubt that they’ll become all that hard to find any time in the near future. DVD recorders have only recently become widely available and affordable; there are still plenty of people who rely on the old VCR when they want to record something off the TV to watch later. And audio cassettes are closer to being obsolete than videotapes are, but you can still readily find blank audiotapes.

Another thing to consider: A blank VHS tape can be used to record anything. A prerecorded VHS tape only has the movie that is being sold. An unsold copy of a movie which is no longer popular is wasted retail space

Circuit City still sells blank minidiscs, despite the fact that almost no one uses the damn things. I’d say that you should be able to find blank VHS tapes for quite some some yet.