VHS: UK to US Conversion

I have a VHS tape that was sent to me from the UK. It is a recording of a TV program. When I play it in my VCR, it runs too fast (fuzzy picture, high pitched too fast voices, etc.).

Is there any way I can make it play here in my VCR? I’d really like to see this tape.

I just read that I need to convert it from PAL to NTSC. I don’t suppose there is a way that can be done from home?

You have to have it converted by a service or by someone with appropriate equipment. The video standard in the UK is different than the one in the US. Even though we use the same tape, the signal is recorded differently. Check Video in your yellow pages.

I just had a similar issue, the video was from Egypt (PAL), I brought it to Ritz Camera to be converted to VHS tape (NTSC). The tech person called me to say that it was in “copyrighted PAL” and that converting copyrighted PAL to NTSC tape almost never works, but converting to DVD does. So Ihad it converted to DVD. The quality is not very good, but it was something important, so it was worth doing.

The tech made it sound like there was a difference between “copyrighted” PAL and regular PAL.

p.s. – Some VHS and DVD players have a switch so you can select either PAL or NTSC.

p.p.s. - the TV/monitor also has to be either NTSC or PAL - there are dual-function decks, but they are pricey.

have it converted - if the shop says they can’t, call another shop.

I’ve never heard of a specially encrypted form of PAL - there may well be such a critter, but maybe it simply takes a device not many shops have.

SECAM, OTOH, can be a nightmare

Sucks that I couldn’t jump in on this earlier, since I’m a video tech writer…

Oh, you can say that again. It’s an acronym for séquentielle couleur et mémoire (sequential color and memory) used only in France, parts of Eastern Europe, and parts of the former Soviet Union. Our products support SECAM in, but not out - that’s how screwy the video standard is.

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Thanks guys. I found a shop that will convert it for me. I appreciate all the help.

In the US you can get a vcr that plays PAL. They are Kinda pricey for one video.