Vic Chesnutt (1964-2009)

This makes me sad. I love his music, and I thought he had a great handle on his own unfortunate circumstances.

*I should’ve seen that you were stewing
I was absent when you blew in,
by the time I knew it, it was already in full fabulous swing

Motorboating through our lives
Only gradually gaining rudimentary
navigational skills
And even sometimes offended by very friendly
lighthouses … *

A friend of mine turned me on to his music. I was never a big fan, but I appreciated his songwriting skills. I have a vague memory of seeing him live in the early 90s. As you note he had a good handle on the bad deck he’d been dealt.

I was turned onto his music by the band Widespread Panic, who covered several of the eclectic songs from his catalog.

R.I.P. Vic…

humble and gracious, the gravity of the situation…

Argh. I saw him live a bunch of times and always really enjoyed his sense of humor. I was always amazed how this little guy in a wheelchair could have such huge stage presence. The last time I saw him he was with Elf Power, promoting the album they recorded together (which is quite good). I meant to go see him when he came up a month ago or so, but I was busy. Damn.

He joins Dean Martin in cashing out on Christmas Day…TRM (trying not to make a “Chestnutt roasting on an open fire” joke)