Vice and Vice News are excellent Youtube channels.

I have absolutely no connection to Vice, who most of you are familiar with from their HBO show and their Vice Guide documentaries to N. Korea and Liberia.

They also have two excellent Youtube channels where they upload full length documentaries on current issues around the US and world.

Here, I’ll show you a few to give you a flavoring.

Ukraine Burning - It gets intense at the end. This is before Russia took Crimea, by the way.

Giants of Iceland - Really just a neat one on the strong men of Iceland

Kingdom of Little People - Shorter doc on a little person theme park in China.

War in Central Africa- Skip to the last 7 minutes if you want a taste. A full attack breaks out and they filmed it. Tragic, sad, and powerful. I was blown away by the ending. :frowning:

High Cost of Immigration - Powerful as well. The story of a family whose breadwinner was deported.