Vice presidential ratio at your company

My fellow employees and I just received an email from our CEO, asking us to congratulate two people who were just promoted to vice-presidential positions. There are about 500 employees in the company, with (as of today) 14 vice presidents.

Like many companies, we’ve experienced a few rounds of layoffs in the last six months, and ratio of executives to non-execs continues to skew a bit toward the former. Everyone at the company has taken a pay cut as well (execs’ cuts were in the double digits; if I made something close to six figures, I might have more sympathy. Or some, even). Somehow, we still find it necessary to promote people to VP positions (I’m certain it’s to keep them from jumping off this ship, but it’s having a rather negative impact on the rest of the sailors).

Can anyone on this board beat a ratio of one VP for every 35 people who are at a director-level position or below?


12 VPs, roughly 72 employees. I’ve lost count of the number of assistant VPs.

ETA: I’m not complaining. The VPs are very experienced, very knowledgeable, and very good within their niche.

1 to 10 is the ratio here in the US HQ. My boss is a VP and its just the two of us in the dept. We also have 3 controllers, which is just silly.

2 people in the company and 1 VP… because we can.

One person in my company. No VPs. :slight_smile:

There are hundreds (maybe a thousand) workers per VP at my company. There are about 10,000 employees at our site (according to a news article I found on the internet). We have between 8 and 15 Vice Presidents depending on what counts as a Vice President. Directors of (Department) are not Vice Presidents in my company. We have probably 20 of them. All together there’s probably 150 “upper” management types, if we include directors, CEO, board members, Vice Presidents, and anyone who makes six figures and up.

Client service companies often have an absurd number of VPs because clients like being serviced by a VP. I was at a company where the VPs to less-than-VPs was about 1:1. Seriously.