Vidal Icewine 2001

My neighbour, who doesn’t drink, found a bottle of Peller Estates Founder’s Series 2001 Vidal Icewine VQA while collecting bottles for recycling. He gave it to me, knowing my fondness for wine.

So dopers, is it still drinkable?

And, would you drink wine from the garbage? Sealed bottle, wax seal over the cork.

Sure, it’s drinkable.

Is it good? Is it as good as a bottle of Icewine that’s been stored well? Those questions I don’t know, but it’s not going to hurt you any. Riesling Eiswein stored well will laugh off 10 years of age, but I haven’t had any Vidal to compare. I imagine, based on other sweet wine, that it will be slightly less sweet than a current vintage. It should be still sweet enough that you’d want only it as your dessert and nothing sweet to clash with it.

Sounds delicious, actually.

Thanks for the fast answer. If it was later in the day, I’d be popping the cork, but I really should get a cup of tea and some breakfast into me first.

It is an icewine so it’s going to be very sweet. Maybe have a small serving of it with berries and cream to counter that sweetness.

And if the wine has gone off, well hey! berries and cream.

It should be good. All that sugar acts as a preservative. If its been sitting out in the Sun for years or something then it’ll be shot, but if its been at room temps all that time you should be good to go.

I’d drink it - icewine can be vey nice wine. And I’m not much of a wine fan. :slight_smile: