Video card and DirectX questions

I reinstalled XPpro into a used machine I purchased. This wiped out my Video drivers. I have a generic VGA driver in it, but would like to get the correct one of the net. It’s a nice HDMI dual monitor card. Problem is, I don’t know the manufacturer.

When I go to My Computer >Properties>Harware>Device Manager I just get a question mark next to the video adaptor. Programs like Belarc advisor just say ‘Unknown’.

If I crack open the box, what are the odds that the type/model are printed on the card?

Also, how do I tell what version of DirectX is running.


Yes. there will be some marking on it. The nvidia tool will probably be able to tell you what it is

dxdiag will tell you about directx.

That assumes it’s nVidia and not ati.

You should be able to get information from the card to get you started and if you can’t tell if it’s a 256MB or a 512MB specific model it doesn’t matter. I don’t know of a card manufacturer that modifies the drivers anymore. They all seem to used the nvidia or ati supplied drivers.

GPU-z will probably tell you with great specificity.

Thanks everyone. It is ATI.

I purchased this machine from work as a processor for my Wifes CompuTrainer (a virtual reality bike trainer for IronMen). As such, it does not need to be on line.

So, that turned into a bit of an issue when I stuck a new monitor on it and the software for the monitor did not seem to like the software for the card. The monitor software took the machine down completely. Had to boot from disk and we had to wipe the drive. Thank you Gateway. The software for a new monitor completely locked up the machine. Dead as dead could be. HP xw4300.

Still have a few tricks up my sleeve, I should be able to get the machine online through my BB Storm. And I found the restore software at work. I’m taking it back down to operating system (again).

Will check GPU-z next. nvida would not launch.

Also, you can try the ATI tool. It hasnt been updated in a while but it might be able to ID that card:

Sandra should also be able to tell you about your card and DirectX settings. The basic version of Sandra is free.

Thanks all. I reinstalled XP and that has seemed to clear some things up. Odd as it was a brand new install anyway. I mean the machine was blank 'cept for XP. The reinstall seems to allow me to get to drivers and info. And install other software.

Thank you again for your responses, and I will be looking into those utilities.

Been a long couple of days. But the machine (part of a x-mas gift for my Wife) seems to be on it’s feet again.