Video compression question.

I recently downloaded an MPEG file, about 9 minutes long, and added my own audio, about 9 minutes worth. I used Adobe Premiere.
My quesiton is about compressing the video and audio…what’s a quick easy way to do it? I know to use the compressors, but which one? What’s the difference between all of them? I ask this because my video clip (20 megs) plus my audio clips (about 10 or so megs), once I had exported a file, became a whopping 1.7 GIG file! There’s gotta be a better way to get it to, say, 30 megs.

What do I do?

Firstly I don’t see exactly why a 20Mb video clip would become 1.7Gb after adding the audio. To me it seems that you aren’t using any compressions whatsoever.

Can you just choose a different compression in Adobe such as Divx 5 (legal version) which may need to installed first (from