Video converter - DB15->EVC(aka P&D) sync question

I’ve got this older HP Visualize B1000 with only EVC (aka P&D) output on the video card. Getting a converter will probably cost most $$$ than I’d like, so I’m trying to connect the cable off an old monitor directly to the card. I’m pretty sure I can do the solder job ok, but I’m not sure about the sync wires.

My DB15 connector pinout lists both horizontal and vertical sync, whereas EVC lists only “px clock out”.

Do I need both syncs? Is there a “composite sync”? How big an explosion will my 21" monitor make if I get it wrong?

According to the EVC connector pinout on the page that you linked to, pins 5 and 6 are Horizontal Sync and Vertical Sync. They are TTL level, which is correct for a VGA-compatible monitor. Connect them to pins 13 and 14 respectively of the DB15 connector. The “PX clock out” is the pixel clock, which has no equivalent in a VGA DB15.

I’d say give it a try, but set the HP graphics resolution to something simple like 640 x 480 first.

Thanks! The RGB and gnd were obvious, but I didn’t know about the rest. Even regular VGA is somewhat confusing - I’m ignoring the ID lines, and also the “GND Test”, which I don’t understand either.

I thought the TTL was something related to the digital side of EVC. 'cause digital video would use the horizontal sync to… uh… oh look the solder’s melting gotta go! :smiley:

Nanoda, don’t leave us hanging: did it work when you tried it? Or did your 21" monitor explode?

No flaming shards, but it’s not working either… yet.

I’m not entirely sure the box knows there’s a monitor there. I read in the middle of this page that ID1 and ID3 are used as data lines for Plug&Play monitors sometimes. My guess right now is that the card expects some line to be pulled to ground by the monitor, so it’s not aware anything is hooked up at the moment.

I’m thinking of asking someplace like if someone could whip out a multimeter and test their adapter for me… :wink: