Video Game Consoles

What are you talking about? The Xbox costs $150. The Gamecube costs $100. The Xbox comes with its own processor, hard drive, ethernet, controller, for the price of any single upgrade one can add to their PC that’s worth the money. And the games look surprisingly good on the TV screen, despite the much lower resolution. Some people may find the controllers too limited for their tastes, but quite frankly, a lot of PC games turn me off because the learning curve for the controls is so steep I can’t have fun right away. I don’t want to take an entire evening just to learn how to function; I want to play.

Well, depending on what the OP has for a computer an upgrade might only consist of more memory (half the price of an xbox).

And learning curve is going to be relative. The standard FPS key binds (AWD + mouse) is pretty simple. Many complex PC RPGs are mouse based (point and click). I was really turned off from Fable since for many commands you need to hold one button and then use the digital pad to issue commands (each finger button changes the available options).

The xbox is great for “arcade” style games and party multiplayer situations. If you want pure FPS/RPG fun though, I’d stick with a PC.