First Console Game system. Opinions needed.

This December, I plan (currently at least) to purchase my first gaming system. And I need help deciding.

I already have a DVD player, and I have no current gaming system.

The PS2 has a lot of nice games for it. It’s selling for about $300, so I figure for around $400, I could get a system with 2 controllers, a mem card or two and a couple of games.

The gamecube is cheaper ($200) and for about $300, I could get all of the above. (2 games, a couple of controlers and some mem cards).

I’m leaning towards the game cube, but I am NOT a fan of mario or pikachu. What I want is:

a possible racing game of some type.
a combat game (along the Tekken lines would be cool).
and some RPGs. As far as RPGs are concerned, I normally play PC RPGs, and I know that console RPGs are a weak field. So I’m not holding up much hope here.
and some Adventure games (a console strength as best as I can tell).

The reason I’m leaning towards gamecube is primarily the cost. Since I don’t have PS1 games and have a DVD player, I’m looking at gamesystem vs gamesystem alone. I figure, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that most of the really popular games will appear on both systems anyway. For example, I heard that SSX (a snowboarding game) that’s a lot of fun on the PS2, will have a version on gamecube. and Resident Evil is ging to gamecube as well.

I’m not into sports games that much, but I’d be willing to try it.

My 2 cents, take it or leave it.

I have a PS2. It’s nice, I like it. The problem is that there really aren’t that many games out there for it that are really any better than the ones for the PS1. If I were you, I’d go to your local pawn shop, pick up a used PS1 for about 40 bucks, buy Toshinden Battle Arena III for about $10, either Final Fantasy 8 or 9 for about $25, and peruse the multitude of racing and adventure games.

Hold off on deciding which next generation system to buy until the software catches up. I kinda wish I had.

Also, this way you don’t have to wait till December.

When I bought my first console it was a PS1, because I had no interest in only Mario games (no Pokemon yet) and my friend had a PS1, so I’d be able to trade games with him.

When it came time to upgrade, I went with the PS2, since it would play all my PS1 games (my PS1 had died) and I didn’t have a DVD player.

I like the PS2 because it can play all the PS1 games (and there are a LOT of good ones out there) plus the PS2 games, which are finally strating to come in en masse: Metal Gear Solid 2, Devil May Cry, Onimusha Warlords, GT3, and a lot more. So you’ve got a huge range of games to choose from, right at the outset. For that reason, the PS1 idea isn’t bad either, though there are good PS2-only games you shouldn’t discount.

I’m not saying to go with the PS2, since I don’t really know much about the GameCube or what games are/will be available for it. Just saying why I went with what I have.

Personally, I’m going with the Gamecube. From what I’ve heard, the system is a comparitive breeze to program for. so there will certainly be no shortage of games available for the system of whatever type you’re looking for. If you’re into snowboarding games, there’s terrific buzz about 1080 Snowboarding 2, which will be availble for Gamecube shortly after its November release (in the US). For a complete game list, check out the following link:

And no, this is not a paid endorsement.

I guess the next question would be /when/ are these games coming out? This year? Early next?

That is a long and impressive list. I sure hope it materializes.

Well, if you’re planning on getting an older system, go get a dreamcast–they’re cheap (ca $80), games are plentiful and their graphics are still pretty much up to par. Plenty of decent racing games, a number of very good fighting games and one or two okay rpgs. Plus some neat adventure games (like Shenmue and RE: Codename Veronica).

GT3 for the PS2 is as good a racing game as you’ll find on any console.
Onimusha is quite good also, but if you’re willing to wait why not try the PS2 and the Game Cube (when it comes out) for yourself at a local electronics store and see for yourself which one you prefer?

Just a thought.

Go with the PS2. It’s got the most, best games right now. But if you wait a bit, it might drop in price a bit after XBox and GameCube come out.

If you want a racing game, you definetly need to play Gran Turismo 3 for the PS2. That might make your decision right there. It’s probably the best racing game for any system ever. And you can get a PS2/GT3 Bundle for $329, which saves you $20 off the cost of GT3.

Personally, I see the XBox as being an ill-fated attempt by Microsoft to buy their way into a market, and that they will find out that just having the most money to spend on something doesn’t mean it’s the best. The Nintendo GameCube will fare better, but as with the Nintendo 64, I think that AAA titles will be few and far between. N64 did have its GoldenEye and Zelda and Mario, but little else (well, there is that Pokemon crap).

I say get a PS2.

Wait until after christmas if you can, you will be able to judge better then. GameCube looks to be very impressive indeed.

(that said, if only PS2 is going to have silent hill 2, well, I’m sold)

The psx2 has about 70 games out but if you include that it can play psx games too, you can add another 1000 games.

The cube won’t be able to play N64 games & the Xbox only plays xbox games.

PSX & PSX2 games are pretty cheap now.

The dreamcast is on the way out so its not a first system choice of mine. BTW, I have all the systems out above.

The xbox is not an option. I have no faith that MS knows anything about console systems (or gaming in general for that matter).

Old systems are out. Part of the fun of getting my first console system is the ‘whiz bang top of the line’ factor. I want a latest gen console of some type.

I’m going to be waiting until december. It’s going to be my christmas present. I was just hoping to tap into those of you that know about the console industry (ie, have lots of console systems and buy the rags etc…) to give me a heads up between the PS2 and the GC for a first time console buyer.

If I get TOTALLY into gaming, I forsee owning all the way up to SIX titles. I’m a gaming noob. I only plan to play the system when I have an hour or so to kill or if I have company over and we want to play something head to head.

Start off with Tekken Tag, GT3, and for RPG’s, you could pick up Final Fantasy 7 and 8 for the price of one PS2 game. Not exactly as deep as Baldur’s Gate, but I promise you will be very entertained. To my knowledge, Squaresoft is still Sony exclusive, so PS2 is the way to go for RPG’s. Not to mention that Nintendo screwed up with N64 pretty bad IMO with all the kiddie games, so I’m definitely going to wait a good year into it’s launch before I would consider buying it.

I got so many systems that i have to use more inputs to connect them too. I have a vcr with front & rear inputs so I can accept one more system even though my tv itself has three inputs.

If it’s strictly between the PS2 and the Gamecube, you’ve gotta make a choice between the games you want.

PS2 will have, by far, the best RPGs and fighting games of the two. Nintendo doesn’t care about fighting games, and I can’t see that changing. Nintendo normally doesn’t care about ‘complicated’ games like RPGs either.

The racing games are a toss up. Sure, PS2 has Gran Turismo 3, but I personally hate that game. I hate how it drives and I don’t think it’s fun to play. I’d prefer something like Ridge Racer (probably on GC) or Road Blaster (on SNES).

Nintendo will have the better adventure games. Zelda and Mario alone will be better than anything on PS2. Well, probably, but Nintendo has had a pretty good track record that you can’t refute. Also, the new Metroid is coming on GC and that’s one that’ll be hard to pass up.

One thing I have to warn you about… accessories aren’t as inexpensive as you think.

Controllers and memory cards are 30 - 35$ each, though you only need one memory card.

My big beef with the PS2 is the lack of 4 player support. Since it’s not built into the console, it’s not made into a lot of games, where as the Gamecube will have many 4 player games. Something to think about, depending on if you have people over when you play games or not.

Either way, you’ll be having lots of fun. I’ve played all the new consoles, and they’re all looking and playing great.


My .02c -

PS2 - Excellent outlook. Its already reached critical mass for continued support, so its not going anywhere soon. GT3 is THE killer app and no other racing game can come close to it. The price is set to drop $50 or so in next month (to combat X-Box). Decent library of games and many, many more on the way. Lots of genre’s represented for the adult gamer. Backwards compatibility so it can play the thousands of PSone games. Decent DVD playback. I’ve got one. It my daily gaming machine.

Gamecube - Still looked at as a “kids” game machine. It will by far be more taken up as a pre-teen console compared to the others (Nintendo historically ALWAYS has). Reasonable cost. It has a pretty bright outlook in the marketplace. Its got good support from 3rd party developers as well.

X-Box - The wildcard. If anyone says for sure they know whats going to happen with it they’re either capable of time travel or full of shit. It does have a good outlook on games. Many top developers have signed up for it. The game screens I have seen look fantastic. It’ll be the most expensive of the systems (since the PS2 is going to drop $50 supposedly). I’ll probably pick one up for myself.

Dreamcast - Absolutely dirt cheap. Something like $70 US now. Future development is extremely bleak as it is a dead system. However, many of the games that are out are absolutely top tier games. Shenmue, Crazy Taxi 1 & 2, various racing games, Soul Calibre and DOA2. Also has some pretty cool lightgun games like House of the Dead 2 and Confidential Mission. The games can also be bought for an absolute steal now. Really, for the price you cannot go wrong. You can buy some next-generation gaming goodness for $100 now (including games). I own 3. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’d buy a Dreamcast just since its such an incredible bargin. If your not satisfied with it (or if you don’t want one for sure in the first place) a PS2 would be the next safe bet.

One fun thing with the dreamcast is you can get on the net with it pretty easily. SHould happen with the psx2 soon though.

Also, you can’t get any better graphics than your TV quality. So, better to get better tv too.

Fair enough if you don’t like GT3, but AFAIK the only Ridge Racer games coming out now are on PS2–Ridge Racer V was a PS2 launch title. Although I do recall seeing Ridge Racer 64 so it’s possible they will do a GameCube version.

Is it true that square soft will be offering more gamecube only titles in 2002? I heard that Nintendo is buying them off with a load of cash to do platform specific (ie gamecube only) games.

They said the same thing about Sony and PSX.

Silent Hill 2 will also be released on the X-Box.

I would get a Dreamcast now (because it’s cheap and fun (I have one)) and then get a Gamecube a year after it comes out. Why? Well, aside from Rogue Leader, no good games are being released with it. The next Mario is coming out this summer, and the next Zelda is for Christmas a year from now (I think metroid might also be this summer.)

I think Nintendo realized it’s major flaws with N64 (kiddie games, cartridge games (limited size,) and difficulty of programming) and has fixed them. The Gamecube is easy to program for, uses CD’s, and will most likely market to all age groups (which means the fighting games and RPG’s you hope for should start to appear en masse.)

Just my humble opinion

(p.s., I have heard the X-Box will either crash and burn, and do better than all competitors, so we’ll have to wait and see.)