Xbox, Gamecube or PS2. Which for you?

Figured I’d raise the question once again, since we’re so close to all three systems being out .
Did some hard thinking on what I was looking for in my next game console. Previously owned a N64, which was great for the few really great games it had.
Considered the PS2, what with the large back catalogue of PS games also available, but decided to wait to see what the next systems would do.
Finally decided to go with the Xbox. Mostly for the sake of the hard drive. While it’s not largely being used now, it seems like it’ll probably be widely utilized in the next couple of years. Not to mention the Dolby Surround sound(!)
That, and my favorite genre of games, First Person Shooters, looks really promising on this system. What with Unreal Championship going on line early next year, Doom 3, and more immediately, Halo.

While GC has some killer games coming up and one really cool one now, IE: Rougue Squadron, they still tend to skew their stuff for the kiddies, ala “Mario Sunshine”.

So there you have it. I haven’t preordered anything except Halo and an extra controller, but I’ll be out there on Thursday (hopefully) hunting down a Xbox.

How about you?

I’m going to go with the Xbox. I’ll be hunting Thursday for one, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to snag one at Best Buy.

Not that I can buy one right now (at least not without catching grief from the missus :wink: ), but if I had to hunker the money for one, it’d be the PS2 in a heartbeat. Backwards compatable, good selection of top games now, and some serious wicked stuff down the pike. I’d almost get a PS2 just for WipeOut: Fusion, y’know?

On the other hand, I wouldn’t trust XBox further than I can throw a Buick. Microsoft’s track record for (poor) workmanship is reknown…

GameCube for me. I always preferred the Nintendo products to those of other platforms in the past, and I’m sure they will continue in their old traditions - and yes, I did prefer the N64 to the PlayStation, it didn’t have as many games but all the 1st and 2nd party developed ones were very good and most of the games had a lot more replay value than even the better PlayStation games.

Count me as another person who puts the X-Box on the top of his gaming priorities list. The clincher for me, ultimately, was the game line-up… just about all the PS2 games that seemed attractive to me are also being ported to XB (well, okay, the only game that initially gave me boners was the thought of Silent Hill 2). Since then, after looking at some of the games (Halo, set in a ringworld, how cool is that?.. Doom 3Project Ego, an endless series of orgasms put onto DVD…), my desire for an X-Box has only increased.

As for most of the X-Box criticisms, frankly, I haven’t noticed them. Glitchy products? I’ve had good luck with them, I suppose. Awkward controllers? They fit in my hands just fine. Large console size? Big whup… it’s not like it’s the size of a friggin’ mattress or anything.

The Gamecube would be #2 on my list, if only for the promise of another Metroid game (squirt, squirt…).

Two of them aren’t out yet. I do have a PS2.

Assuming I could afford to buy a console right now (which I can’t), I’d go with a PS2, for reasons already stated. I never buy consoles right at launch; I like waiting for awhile until they have quite a few good games out. The PS2 certainly has that, plus you can run the whole library of PSX games as well. I’ve got a lot of great PSX games, but my original PlayStation is starting to die, I think.

Aside from that, I think the XBox looks very interesting. Most of the complaints I’ve heard about it come from people who have never actually played one before, so they don’t carry a lot of weight with me. But, we’ll see what happens…

Xbox commericals don’t impress me. Is it true the controller is really big & the Xbox itself is huge, like an old vcr?

Sure is. Why’s that a problem? It’s not like you have to worry about gas mileage on the thing.

Dreamcast. Oh wait…damn. That choice didn’t go to well :slight_smile:

I’m gonna wait to see how things pan out but right now I’m leaning towards an Xbox. From what I can tell Microsoft seems to have gotten things right. The Nintendo 64 was a disapointment to me and I vowed that that was the last system I was going to buy from Nintendo. My main reason for disapointment is the reality that N64 got one good game everyonce in a while while I say PS1 getting many good games several times a month. That stung.

And PlayStation 2 is pretty much “eh” to me.

Should be able to solve the problem of controllers with 3rd party controllers (Mad Catz etc).

I like big controllers anyways. More to get my hands around. (And I’m a guy with small girlie hands ;))

This is the one argument I keep hearing, and yet really don’t understand.
On the same note, is it true that the PS2 has blue stripey things on the side? Not in MY entertainment center! (and don’t get me started on the Fisher Playmate Toy lookin’ thing that is the Gamecube).
See? It’s just silly. I’ll take performance and games over a system’s outward appearance any day.
And for the record, I tried the Gamecube and the controller seemed really small. Which may be fine for kids or Japanese people with smaller hands, but it seemed really uncomfortable to me.

They have been programming for it for over a year now. Even with some awesom games out there, unbelievable new games are coming out all the time now.

I can at least understand getting the X-box, but the cube seems like a sure loser for this round.

PS2. Three words: Final Fantasy X. Or is that two words and a letter? Or… two words and a number? Ow, headache.

My boyfriend, the Funcoland manager, insists that PS2 will have more longevity than either XBox or GameCube. He’s the expert, I defer to him. My personal opinion on XBox is that I’m not going to give Microsoft any more money. Their products are crap in my experience and I’m not about to subject myself to more crap.

Well…hmmm…let’s see technilogically impared flickerwolf has to say. The boards will empty of all Dopers as soon as I post this, i think.:stuck_out_tongue:

The shape of the gamecube disturbs me. So that’s out.

The commercials for Xbox disturb me even more(you know, the green x lifting out of the ground…:eek:) so that’s out.

So I guess i like PS2 more then them and prefer it even though the commercial did scare me with that…voice twitches violently 'cause I’ve played it before and I know it won’t hurt me through independent, inanimate will or bang me with sharp edges if I trip over it.


The smilies are out to slaughter me. I’ll do it right next time. Arrrgh…

Small and svelte is in. Big and clunky is out. I suspect most Western buyers won’t mind a big-n-clunky XBox, but it might have a negative impact in Asian markets, where they’re long-used to small, unobtrusive game consoles.

Of course, I also figure the big-n-clunky look simply came from Microsoft trying to make it look “kewl,” and then settling for the “macho and intimidating” aesthetic…

Bill Gates believes console size is a direct correlation to penis size, obviously.


And it’s PS2 for me. :slight_smile:

Huh… that’s what fatherjohn kept saying. :smiley:

But it’s big for a reason! (keep your mind out of the gutter people) It’s got a hardrive in it, which the other’s lack. The PS2’s got an add-on hard drive coming out, let’s see how small it is when you stick that next to it… (and for a considerable price too I’ve heard).

Small may be trendy, but I hope people get over the initial physical impressions and pay attention to the games.

I know going with the Xbox is a little risky, but hell, I’m rooting for the underdog.

MS the underdog. Who’d a thunk it?