Video game dopers - Name this game

Back in high school, a friend of mine had a Super Famicon (Japanese Super Nintendo), and we used to play that thing until our eyes bled. There was one particular game (I will admit here I’m not 100% sure it was for the SF, it might have been on the 8-bit, which he had as well), that had a replay value and fun factor that rivaled Street Fighter 2. The game was a volleyball (or maybe it was dodgeball?) game, and it had those little stubby type characters, (think early double dragon type of graphics). Now the coolest thing was that each guy had his special “spikeball”. One of the guys would throw it and it would get oblong like a football and glow. Another guy chucked it and it would split into 3 smaller balls and reassemble right before it hit you. Yet another guy would throw a ball and it would go real slow like when Bugs Bunny throws a “Slowball”.

Look you must think I’m nuts, but this was the best game I ever played, and I need to find it. I’ve been thinking about getting an old retro system off Ebay, and it would make a difference knowing which system this was on.

You crazy dopers have never let me down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like Super Dodge Ball to me.

Hrm. [a href=“”]Super Dodge Ball [/a], perhaps?

Yep, that’s Super Dodge Ball. Damn, that was a great game.


Thats the game. Now off to Ebay, thanks!

This was seriously the greatest game ever made. I got insanely good at it too.