Video games 'good for well-being', says University of Oxford study

I feel vindicated!

I can testify that I’ve been playing ‘Slay the Spire’ at every opportunity for the past week, and I feel happy. But probably only in the way that a crackhead is happy.

These days I won’t judge what makes someone happy.

If you are still slavishly playing ‘Slay the Spire’ in six months with a six month beard and have not showered in weeks then you might have a problem. :wink:

Though note, the article mentions that this may only apply to games with a social aspect to them (like Animal Crossing), as it was different than previous studies.

I’ve always viewed playing video games as closer to reading a book, than sitting there watching a television.

These days most console games are played online with countless other people. I play mostly with my close friends and we spend a couple of hours chatting to each through our headsets in and around our gaming experience. How many men chat to each other on the phone or over the internet in normal circumstances? We’re not the sort to make phone calls to each other to be honest. Yes a lot is talking about the game but we do actually chat about each others lives too, and it’s nice to spend an evening with friends even if it is in audio only rather than face to face.

I have female friends who play online and it’s the same experience but let’s face it, it’s mostly guys.

Me too.

Far more engaging and engrossing than watching a show on TV.