Video games industry mourns death of ZX Spectrum creator Sir Clive Sinclair

Wow being someone in america who used a zx occasionally and thought it could of been better for gaming with a few tweaks and hopefully gotten rid of the "its a generic/budget C64(but still better than an Amstrad CPC)"tag this is sad news

ZX Spectrum 48k was my first computer and a constant source of amazement regarding what could be wrung out of the fairly miserly specs.

I will always remember when I first saw “Knight Lore” come to life in a Dixons shop in Darlington and thinking “wow, that can run on my speccy?”

My contribution to this thread…uh…I know this system exists thanks to this website! It’s pretty awesome! :grin:

It’s unlikely that there will ever be another submission…these people’s idea of a system with fairly miserly specs is the Genesis, and they’re also not inclined to blow off several minutes of annoying loading sounds…but it’s good to know that this piece of video game history won’t be completely forgotten.