Video games that you tried REALLY hard to like, but just couldn't...

Ever have a game that got stellar reviews and when you finally played it you could tell it was a great game but for some reason you just couldn’t make yourself have fun playing it? I have several times, have you?

I’ve never really got into the last two Halo games. I can see that they’re good, and I enjoy bits of them but I just don’t find them very compelling. I also have been unable to enjoy Project Gotham Racing. I like racing games but I think I prefer traditional circuit racing rather than tricked up street cars.


I read the reviews, saw the screen caps and fell in love with it the more I was I learned about it. Rushed out and bought it the day it was released, played it for three days and big ole’ MEH! I’ve tried playing it a few times since then but just can’t get into it. I don’t know why. All my gamer friends look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that, they all love it.

OOPS! Accidentally posted before listing my games.

  1. All the Madden games. I love football but I just can’t get into these games. They are too complicated. This a bummer because all my friends play the hell out of it every year when the new version comes out. I always go buy it then trade it in a week later. I don’t know why. I just suck at it I guess.

  2. FFXII. I just started this game up for the 3rd time. My guys are finally out of Rabanastre but my interest is waining. I LOVED every FF up to and including FF8, and I REALLY want to get into this game. I have resisted trading it in because I know it is supposed to be great. BUT, I am having a hell of a time getting attached to my guys and my interest is fading again. I find the license board to be overly complicated due to the fact that I can’t just buy gear, I have to buy the gear AND the specific license for the gear. It’s annoying and is really turning me off. I’m also finding, at least the first 6 hours or so so far, to be VERY linear. More so than any other FF game I’ve ever played. After 6 hours I would expect to be exploring the countryside and leveling my party. HEre I’m still on rails following the rigid story. It’s got great voice work and a good script. I REALLY want to love this game but don’t.

  3. Splinter Cell. I really wanted to like these games but just never did. Even though they look apealing and the game play sounds appealing I just couldn’t get into it while actually playing.

  4. Metroid Prime 3. This game was cool but just didn’t do it for me. I don’t know why.

Definitely on board with both of those. I loved the story and atmosphere of Halo 1 and 2 but couldn’t finish either one. I just didn’t have the will power.

PGR looks awesome but I suck at driving games. I’ll buy one once in a while to remind myself that I suck then trade it in.

Also, Fallout: Tactics. Fallout is my favorite game universe of all time and I loved the combat in the first 2 games so I figured how could I go wrong with a game that is JUST combat and in the Fallout universe? The game looked and played how I wanted it to, but I just couldn’t get into it like I wanted. I gave up before getting through 2 maps.

Final Fantasy: Tactics. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about this game, ever. But I had a hard time getting into it, and I found the ‘grind’ of leveling up was a pain. Then there were the uncontrolled characters who managed to jump in the fire of enemy guns when the scenario required that you keep them alive.

I gave up after several tries at this game. There was just no way I could see how to win it.

Super Paper Mario. I loved the previous Paper Marios, and was intrigued by the switch from RPGing to platforming. It just didn’t work for me though. I kept at it, hoping I would eventually come around, but even after beating it, it still felt hollow. It didn’t have enough customization to be a good RPG, and didn’t have enough variety or challenge to be a good platformer. It’s sad, because I think the previous Paper Marios were a brilliant twist on the RPG genre. I hope they go back to the original format for the next Paper Mario.

Yeah, FFT is a pretty damn hard game with slow battles. Either you love it or hate it I’d think. The story is pretty great though, so if you can tough it out until you either level up some really powerful characters, or get Orlandu, I’d try for it.

Wow. All the games people are listing are games that I agree with and had similar experiences with. I tried to like FFT, to the point that I bought it more than one time, but couldn’t. I tried to like SPM, and did, except the dialog was so bad that it was distracting.

I’ve honestly, really tried Neverwinter Nights a few times now, and I just cannot muster up the interest to keep going with it. It looks like a heck of a game that they put a lot of work and love into, and the makers have made some other games I like, but try as I might, I lose interest fairly quickly. It’s just too slow, always seems a little jumpy no matter how good my system is, and just doesn’t catch my interest.

The most recent incarnation of Out of the Park Baseball is allegedly the best baseball simulator ever, but I found it just insanely complex. Setting up a league was inexplicably difficult, and once you got going it was a nightmare to do anythingt o you team (whereas thye previous versions were so intuitive, you didn’t have to bother reading the instructions.) Everything I wanted to see or do was about ten mouse clicks and menu options away, and there was no rhyme or reason to it. For a week I tried to figure out how the hell to play it and finally gave up.

Black & White: I really, really tried to love it because it cost me $50, but I could just never get into it.

The Sims. Bought the original, played it for about twenty minutes, completely lost interest.

Me too. But I bought the expansions too so I could have HUGE fun and NOT MISS A THING when I got it going.

It bored me to death and was uninstalled within a week.

I completely agree with both, although more with the former because I spent so much more on it. I remember asking my Mom to get it for me as a reward for landing a part in my school musical, and feeling guilty that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped / told her I would.

Shadow of Colossus.

The game was hyped as being the most beautiful game ever.

I started it up and thought the main landscape was pretty bleak and boring and kinda depressing. The horse you ride around on was bow-legged, and the character riding the horse looked more like a girl.

It was a good game though, and some of the landscapes you enter during the game are pretty, but it wasn’t quite the most beautiful game evah I was expecting. I never finished it; other games drew my attention away.

Oh, Jesus, the NPCs in FFT are in-fucking-furiating. I lost more than one scenario because the bloody idiots did things like opening bottlenecks so the enemy could swamp me instead of me picking them off, or running right up to the most powerful enemy when I needed to keep them alive. Haven’t finished the game. I’m very angry with it.

My contribution:

Legend of Dragoon: I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like the game, but great gods, it was boring.

Xenogears: I like the game - sort of. The story’s good, and the gameplay is, in theory, interesting. But the controls just infuriated me. Specifically, the lack of analog control.

This is probably SDMB blasphemy but mine is Baldur’s Gate. I picked it up after reading dozens of recommendations for it here on the boards. At first, I couldn’t kill anything and was constantly having to start over. Some helpful posters here told me about autopause. That helped and I was able to progress.

After another week or so of playing, I admitted to myself that I just wasn’t having fun with the game and gave it up. Even now, I can’t blame the game. I still figure that there’s something I’m not “getting” that everyone else does.

Oblivion. I really dislike the level up system because I don’t feel as though I’ve accomplished a dam thing. Also, I don’t really care about the story. So as an RPG it was kind of a wash for me.


I agree on Halo 2.

Metal Gear Solid 2

I don’t game much, so I usually have to ask what games are good. I’m also usually really behind the times. I got both God of War and Prince of Persia (I think the second one) at the same time.

I think I got about half way through God of War and finally just said screw it. I found it boring, and I out right hated the ledge walking. I got to the part where there were saws on ledges that you had to jump over. I took a couple of days trying to pass that, and when I got to the end I fucking fell. I turned it off and got rid of it.

I really enjoyed Sands of Time so I thought I would like the next PoP as well. I think I got about 3-4 stages into it and hated it too.

I’ve gotten the new Simpsons game as well and it’s ok, but I haven’t played it in a few weeks at least.