Video Input for Laptop?


I’ve just bought a new laptop and I’m wondering is there any way I can upload video data to it? Pcmcia cards, usb?

Any thoughts?

What do you mean by “upload video data to it”?

Do you mean capturing streaming video? Or transferring data from another computer? Or using the laptop’s monitor as a display device for another computer?

What laptop is it?

If it’s a recent-model Macintosh (iBook or Powerbook), for instance, you can simply plug in a digital camcorder or analog-to-digital converter into the Firewire port.

If it has USB ports, you can probably get a USB video-capture doodad for about $99, though the resolution and quality of those tend to be rather poor (at least when compared to full-screen DV).

Would something like this fit the bill?

That Anthracite may very well be what I’m looking for.