Video of .50 rifle with sound suppresor

Since there were a number of questions regarding silencers on the boards recently, I though it would be entertaining and educational to post this video.

The rifle depicted is of the same type (Macmillan Tac-50) used for the 2450(ish) meter kill in Afghanistan in 2002. Note that there is no kickup of dust in front of the muzzle, as one would expect from a 12.7mm cartridge and 750gr bullet. Since the silencer acts effectively as a barrel extention, the velocity and effective range of the bullet is further increased. Compare the sound of the rifle with the 7.62mm firing in the background.

The audio seems to be off when I watch it.

Sounded like somebody firing a spit wad. On my system, the sound seemed to be about a half-second ahead of the video, which took a couple times through to figure out.

Very cool, though. Thanks!

It’s a silencer, duh!